Noise Figures, the

The Noise Figures are a lo-fi, psychedelic blues duo from Athens, Greece, comprised of George Nikas (vocals, drums) and Stamos Bamparis (guitar). The band started as a side-project between the two frontmen of the athenian acts Zebra Tracks and Keyser Soze.

The Noise Figures - Bitter Taste (Official music video)

The Noise Figures - Turn Off The Lights

The Noise Figures EP


1. Son of the Bravest Man 03:19

2. Where I Stand 03:48

3. Twelve Hour Day 02:41

4. Turn off the Lights 03:18

released 15 November 2012 Produced and mixed by Sillyboy

The Noise Figures


1.Black Caravan 2:49

2.Out Of Your Mind 3:11

3.Rollin' 2:00

4.Bless The Flood 2:46

5.Turn Off The Lights 3:19

6.No Rest 3:28

7.Tame The Knife 2:32

8.Bones 3:37

9.We Look Better In The Sun 2:58

10.Space Mountain 3:47

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